Friday, August 21, 2009

Level 10 NPC Medal Farming & Capture

The point of this entry is to educate the user on attacking to obtain Justice and Nation medals to advance titles, and subsequently capture a lvl 10 NPC. The main advantages of obtaining this grand behemoth is to advance your techs with the lvl 10 construction within and furthermore be able to utilize the lvl 10 rally point inside.

With this in mind, any Michaelangelo's Scripts that you obtain should be used for 1 rally point (to more successfully take a lvl 10 NPC) and walls in your other cities. It is best to wait to get the NPC in order to have lvl 10 Inn, workshop, forge, stable, etc. After obtaining the lvl 10 NPC, it is recommended to demolish all remaining in your existing cities instances of these buildings, along with warehouses to make room for more barracks.

Things you will need before beginning the conquest...

be within 2 miles of a lvl 10 city (I did 3.2 miles and it was a nightmare)
feel free to take a lvl 10 flat and build your own...just wait 8 hrs since troop spawn is automatic, but resources will take time to build up...there's 19M food there, you're gonna need that to feed those troops (read on)

give yourself approx 2 hrs (this is a max)
make sure you won't be interrupted by a server update (you will have to start over immediately and will probably take total losses for anything that hits after!)

You will have to apply upgrades to minimize losses and increase the amount of troops to send. Be sure to have on hand...

1 War Ensign
1 Penicillin
1 Corselet
1 War Horn

Apply the penicillin, corselet and war horn before any attacks.

You should have some decent heroes least 6 with attacks around 80 and above and 1 with over 100 atk.

150K Archers, min. (I started with 170K, and kept building...but then again, I was far away)
150K Warriors, min. (I started with 175K)

So you wanna take on the Evony Behemoth...are you ready? Here's how it works.

Step 1 - Scout (I used 3K scouts) the city repeatedly until the NPC hero is at lvl 7 or below, this will help minimize losses.

Step 2 - Apply the corselet, penicillin and war horn

Step 3 - ATTACK! Use the war ensign on the first attack only. Max out with 124,720 archers and rainbow from worker to cataphract of 40 troops each. Use your 100+ atk hero for this job. You will receive about 2M experience points for your hero from this attack and high prestige...don't remember how much. This attack will wipe out the 400K warriors and most of the city's defenses. (a little less than a 9,000 archer loss) Note what time on the bottom right window of the attack screen the troops will arrive. (write it down and keep writing down the 6 min interval so you remember!)

Step 4 - This wave, and all subsequent waves, will be 25K warriors and 25K archers with whatever hero you want. No further applications of upgrades will be necessary from this point on.

For medal farming, I recommend hitting the city every 3 minutes. The NPC has a respawn of 40K troops and gains 3 loyalty points every 6 minutes. This will drop the loyalty by 3 every 6 minutes. With the 25K/25K troop method, you will receive a nation or justice medal on practically every attack with troops or defenses (which also respawn).

Keep doing this until you receive most of the justice medals you need. (you'll need 5 for Duke and 10 for Furstin, check to make sure you haven't already claimed the medal bonus for the medals after you receive the first one)

Step 5 - Cure the wounded after every attack hits in your rally point

Step 6 - Upgrade your heroes as they go! You're looking at between 250K to 500K exp per attack...

Step 7 - OK, you've been attacking for a little while now and you've got most of your justice've managed to get the NPC down to a loyalty of around 50-something and you're tired, cross-eyed from staring at attack reports and you just want to take this thing already.

The only difference is you start sending many times as you can within each 6 minute interval. Make sure you get a balance of hitting while other armies are returning...this will drop the loyalty very fast. The beauty of NPC conquering is that when you get the loy down to smaller digits, there is no waiting to time your attacks, just keep hitting and that 5 will become a 2 and after the 2 it will be yours...


You've conquered the what? What do I do with a city that has 37 lvl 10 farms and only 1 of each of the rest? Why are there 20 lvl 10 cottages and only 1 lvl 10 barracks? Crazy I know, and as painful as it is...its time to tear down.

Odds are you won't need a lot of money anymore except for those tasty lvl 10 researches you can complete now. Get a high intel hero in there ASAP. Start your first research as soon as you can.

Get transports and ballista over there and don't forget the lumber, stone and iron and get those defenses up PRONTO! You've worked too hard to have this taken away from you.

Comfort the city to get the loyalty back up.

Start tearing down cottages (I like a min of 12 barracks in my cities) so tear down 11 cottages and build up your barracks.

Set the tax rate at 20% or below to keep about 14K or more idle pop for troop queueing.

I haven't done anything with the farms yet because frankly, I needed that many. Don't forget to start getting valleys for this beast...I recommend high level lakes and swamps. 'Port in your resources from other cities.

I'm looking into farming lvl 8 NPCs for the other resources...this will be a separate post once I have figured it out...but eventually, resource fields may become entirely unnecessary!

GOOD LUCK! and feel free to add or edit any information in long as its better!

Le Medici
Z2K forever!


  1. love the post Medi. I would like to add the following to it. Build up as many level 5,7,10 npc's around you as you can. I like taking a 5 mile radius around my cities and doing this. This gives you plenty of farms to raid, and it makes it harder for someone to build up next to you or teleport in next to you and take your city. I also set the tax rate at 0. This keeps my loyalty at 100. Also making it harder to conquer. And once you start farming you will have plenty of gold coming in from your farming.

  2. Dude Thanks a lot for such nice writeup.
    I have captured lv10 NPC with help of your article.

    Thanks a lot and keep wiritng interesting stuff.


  3. Thank you. Very informative.
    Server 42
    VH X35

  4. I loved this post... I got all the medals I needed to advance. Awesome!!!

  5. Does anyone know if this works on newer servers, or just older ones? I'm on 87.

  6. You can take a L10 in less than 5 minutes starting with 215K cav and 100K cataphracts. no need for penicillin corsellets war horns or war ensign. Launch 100K cataphracts 1st wave, 10K cav next 9 waves, one right after the other until all 10 waves are in motion. Come back to your medic camp and cure troops, since you wont have anything else to do. Next 10 waves, launch 100K cav(cavalry), then 10K cav for 9 more waves. (cure) then begin launching 20K cav as they become available per wave. In under 5 minutes you will be naming your new Castle.

  7. This was the most informative info, that i have come across. playing server92, and got no medals at all. the strategy did however work very well. I suffered minimal losses.. thanks for the assistance..

  8. have you figured out how to farm lvl 8's? or take them?

  9. I took a NPC10 this afternoon by the skin of my teeth - started with 165k archers and 230k warriors - castle was 3.2mi away from home so regenerations were huge and cost a lot of troops. Started with a huge wave including war ensign, then as many 25k arch / 25k war as I could. This got expensive at regeneration time as I had trouble with timing. So threw in 10k cav waves, later 4-5k waves as casualties mounted. Was curing and promoting as fast as possible. Took 2 1/2 hrs all together - "in under 5 minutes" I've got to see.... oh and the ONLY medal I got along the way was a Speaker medal! LOL

  10. I used 13k ballista on the opening attack which worked well I think, thanks noone this guide is nice and clear, I like it.

  11. im on server 123 and couldnt get one medal with this set up so it dont work on the newer servers for medals but for taking one over it does

  12. Silly post. Shows little understanding of long term problems you will face on any server if you are a good player.

  13. thanks for the help. just looking at mr cravers post and i have to try for an npc thats 3.2 miles away myself, and believe me, i am sh*t at these things.

    thnx anyway,

    lewanderso, ss50

  14. I have taken lvl 10 on yesterday at 9pm, I started with 170k wars and 175k archers. It took me less than 17 minutes to finish. I came out with 155k wars and archers. U r better of making the lvl 10 right by the city u will attack from. After u apply all the scripts, the first wave should consist of 15k wars, 1k workers, piles, and swords and the rest archers. Every wave after that 15k wars and archers. Make sure u use ur highest lvl hero for the first hit, mine was lvl 58, all the rest of my hero were lvl 35 and above. Email me for more information,

  15. Dont attack lvl 10 npc with horses - it have most abatises and they kill only horses so no point to send any. And if you dotn use horse the abatises stay so you can dismiss them later and get lots of resurses from them. And for the items if you have good hero - 200 + attack you dont need to use any items - corselter horn penicliin war ensign...